Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Different types of drawing

1. Life Drawing:  drawing from direct observation
2. Emotive Drawing: drawing, like painting, as an expressive way to explore and put forth feeling, mood, self, time

3. Sketching: freehand technical drawing, drawing through the act of visualizing; drawing actively and loosely
4. Analytic Drawing: drawing as a way to dissect, understand and represent;
5. Perspective Drawing: drawing as a way to represent volume, space, light, eye-level (horizon), surface planes, and scale, perceive by the eye; 0 point, 1 point, 2 point, 3 point
6. Geometric Drawing: drawing as a means to precisely represent all aspects of construction; drawing that shows measured scale, true sides, sections, and a variety of descriptive views.
7. Diagrammatic Drawing: drawing in order to investigate, explore, and document concepts and ideas; drawing as an active design process where ideas evolve due to adjacencies and happenstance
8. Illustration Drawing: drawing in order to document; drawing to clearly state and render intent, style, size, color, character, effect

9. Architectural Drawing: (a) Dimensions (b) Lines are straight; drawn using tools

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